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Welcome To Meh DeviantART Page!

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Mewtwo-megay by CreepyJellyfishMewtwo by CreepyJellyfishMewtwo-megax by CreepyJellyfish
Mewtwo Stamp by Heart-Stamp Mewtwo Stamp by gangsterg Mewtwo Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps #150 Mewtwo by xXEclipseTheCatXx


--Team Rocket--
Team Rocket Stamp by MarkiSan Team Rocket stamp by Koriiko-chan TR motto stamp by azusa-chan BW Rockets stamp by Meroni Team Rocket Stamp by KelpyKrad Team Rocket - Badass by Wookiesarebetter Team Rocket Moto Stamp by Princessdawn755 Team Rocket Stamp by L-mon Team Rocket Stamp by InnocentDrive Stamp - Team Rocket by kaitoupirate I support Team Rocket. by GothicOrVintage
Stamp-James Fan by sugarbearkitty James Stamp by KelpyKrad James stamp by SA948-Stamps James BW stamp by SA948-Stamps Stamp James Fan by griff-chii James Fan Stamp -Pokemon- by RaeLogan Everyone loves James by just-stamps Kojiro - James Stamp by KamisStamps Kojiro-kun - Young James Stamp by KamisStamps James' Arabesque by MJtheMushroom
Pokemon Trainer Red stamp by NextGenProject Red Fan Stamp by Over-My-Head41 Red Stamp by Foxtaru Red by SK-Stamps
--Ao No Exorcist--
Stamp ~ Ao no Exorcist's cool flaming logo by Judiette Stamp ~ Ao no Exorcist badass crew by Judiette Blue Exorcist Stamp by Blue-Lancer Ao no Exorcist stamp by DesuSigMaker Ao no Exorcist fan ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki Ao no Exorcist Stamp by Death-Summoner Ao no Exorcist Stamp by AdryJustend
--Rin Okumura--
Stamp - Ao no Exorcist 01 by Kaki-Graphics Okumura Rin Stamp by Death-Summoner Rin Okumura stamp by ingart15 Rin is so Cute by VAL0VE A no E: Excited Rin stamp by Kaze-yo Heart Rin Stamp by VAL0VE A no E: Excited Rin stamp oo2 by Kaze-yo stamp-love rin by Burbujitafdejabon Rin Okumura Stamp by PaoUchiuga Rin by Melodious-Muse Rin Okumura ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki
AoEx - Kuro Stamp by KumoriDragon Kuro and Rin Stamp by Melodious-Muse
--Sword Art Online--
Sword Art Online Stamp by reyestsubasa18 Sword Art Online stamp by Mayu-Hikaru SAO stamp by patchoulimad Sword Art Online Stamp by LinaLeeL Sword Art Online [Stamp] by VioletteSunset Sword Art Online: Kirito Stamp 2 by The-Nutkase
Sword Art Online: Kirito Stamp by The-Nutkase Kirito Stamp by klll100 Kirito Stamp by bremm-ruarte Kirito Stamp by Karin75146 Stamp - Sword Art Online 02 by Kaki-Graphics
--My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic--
MLP FiM - Stamp by RHCP-Cream MLP FIM Stamp. by Pinky1babe Stop Assuming. by Blizzardwind I love my ponysona (pegasus) by Humana58 20% Cooler by LadyQuintessence MLP Rainbow Dash Stamp 4 by Kevfin This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirl CRUSH_KILL_DESTROY_STAMP by Super-Hedgehog Flutterbat stamp by VelocityOfTheNight
--Rainbow Dash--
Rainbow Dash 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho Mane 6: Rainbow Dash Stamp by the-ocean-sings MLP: Rainbow Dash Stamp by BabysMother Rainbow Dash by Marlenesstamps Rainbow Dash Stamp by Super-Hedgehog MLP - Rainbow Dash stamp by Zuzzzz MLP: Rainbow Dash stamp by Janbearpig Sonic Rainboom stamp by AmberApple Rainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlz Rainbow Dash Filly Stamp by jewlecho Loyalty Stamp by genkistamps Rainbow Dash Simple Stamp by FenrirConnell Element of Loyalty Stamp by jewlecho
--Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3---
Vinyl Scratch Stamp by jewlecho MLP: DJ-Pon Stamp by BabysMother Vinyl Scratch Stamp (2.0) by RyanPhantom DJ Pon-3 Stamp by RyanPhantom Vinyl Scratch by Marlenesstamps Vinyl Scratch or Dj-Pon3 by Miss-Dicess Vinyl Scratch - stamp by V1KA Vinyl Scratch stamp by AmazingPony Vinyl Scratch Stamp by Kevfin
Fluttershy 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans Fluttershy Stamp by jewlecho Mane 6: Fluttershy Stamp by the-ocean-sings MLP: Fluttershy Stamp by BabysMother Fluttershy by Marlenesstamps MLP: Fluttershy stamp by Janbearpig Fluttershy - stamp by V1KA Fluttershy Filly Stamp by jewlecho Kindness Stamp by genkistamps Fluttershy Simple Stamp by FenrirConnell Element of Kindness Stamp by jewlecho
--Other Ponies--
Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlecho Nightmare Moon Stamp by jewlecho Discord Stamp by jewlecho Scootaloo Stamp by jewlecho Wonderbolts Stamp by jewlecho Shadowbolts Stamp by jewlecho

More Stamps!

Ran out of room...
--Back To The Future--
Back to the Future Stamp by Blue-Fox
Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLum Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum
--Star Trek: The Original Series--
STAMP Star Trek TOS by ForeverSonu Trekkie Stamp by Carthoris Trekker Stamp by Asolus Star Trek stamp by Bourbons3 Star Trek Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang Old-School Trekkie Stamp by Aidanq Tribble Stamp by explodingmuffins Sci-Fi Support Stamp by imacrazytrekkie Star Trek fan by Sedma Trekkie stamp :D by uplaw McCoy Stamp for Skadii and tpd by picklelova Star Trek stamp 2 by Bourbons3 Kirk and Spock stamp by ForeverSonu Support New Trek by Ccarcia3stamps
TOS Science Officer Stamp by Svenly TOS command Stamp by Svenly TOS Engineering by Svenly
--Mr. Spock--
Spock stamp by HappyStamp Spock Stamp by almanah Spock Fan by Sweet-Nymph Star Trek TOS by phantom Vulcan Stamp by explodingmuffins Spock stamp by ponkes
--Warrior Cats--
Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Warrior Cats Stamp by Gothic-Seaden Warriors Fan Stamp by tanglepath Gift: Warriors Fan Stamp by miki8263 Warriors Stamp by Superior-Silverfox - Warriors Stamp - by toonartt warriors stamp by AnimeFace Proud Firestar Supporter Stamp by VampsStock SSS Warriors Stamp- Tigerclaw by Iron-Zing
Seekers Stamp by DarkStarWolf07
Commission - Cats by impersonalinfo Shelter Cat by paramoreSUCKS Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat Kitten Love Stamp by cloudrat Soft Kitty Warm Kitty by RaynBlue Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Ceiling Cat Stamp by AlkseeyaKC HappyCat Stamp by MochizukiDesigns Keyboard cat Stamp by vanipy05 Raver Kitty Stamp by FlameSalvo Cat's Eyes Stamp by TwilightProwler Sleepy Kitten Stamp by TwilightProwler OMG Cat Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Dramatic Cat stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga wtf cat stamp by imbryl Kitty Cat Dance by gnu32
--Dogs and Wolves--
Husky Love Stamp by cloudrat Malamute Love Stamp by cloudrat Shiba Inu Love Stamp by cloudrat German Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudrat Dutch Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudrat White Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudrat Mutt Love Stamp by cloudrat Schipperke Love Stamp by cloudrat Dingo Love Stamp by cloudrat Wolf Love Stamp by cloudrat
Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl STAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwang .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf wolf by ManicStamps wolf stamp by war-armor
Space Stamp by Brainmatters Outer Space Stamp 5 by Brainmatters Outer Space Stamp 2 by Brainmatters Outer Space Stamp by Brainmatters Outer Space by Mellow-Stamps Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Love Outer Space Stamp by RaptureCyner stars by iLed Look at the Stars by AraulsStamps Sky Lover by A-Sent-Miracle Space Stamp by WetWithRain Astronomy Stamp by ObsidianJackal Astronomy by Mocarro The Universe by stampystampy FieldOfStars Stamp by Seiorai Home by Mocarro
--Natural Things I Like--
Winter Stamp by Werxzy Rain Stamp by Stamp221 Rain + Nature Love Stamp by smileystamps The Moon by AraulsStamps I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain Love the Moon by skinnyveestamp Winter Nights by skinnyveestamp Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Rainbow Furreh POWA by xXDarkOneXx Furry by Shulky Proud Furry Stamp :3 by WolvenFlames Proud Furry Stamp by LycanDID Furry stamp by UchihaDEMS Furry Stamp by smileystamps
Pet Pixel Stamp by dreamylittlethings Stamp - Misc. - Mad Scientists by Vegeta-Holic Stand Back Stamp by ladieoffical Nerd Alert by missmarypotter GEEK OUT Stamp by chibi-veneficus Geek before it was cool stamp by quazo I am a geek by Pegasi1978 Talk Nerdy to Me Stamp by Mirz123 Science Rules Stamp by Erandir First Stamp by the-tora-fish
[Stamp] Science by Creepiest [Stamp] Math by Creepiest [Stamp] English by Creepiest
--Computer and WiFi--
Computer Addict Stamp by fear-the-brilliance Hate When My Computer Freezes by fear-the-brilliance Slow interwebz by prosaix computer stamp by Kataang-furuba
Stamp - I Support Werewolves by Wolfcurse werewolf STAMP by Yellow-eyes I Love Werewolves Stamp by sugarpoultry Werewolf Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun
--Wolf's Rain--
Wolf's Rain Stamp 2 by Schmidty13 Wolf's Rain Stamp 1 by Schmidty13 Wolf's Rain Stamp: Blue by LaVieDeWolfie Wolf's Rain Stamp: Orange by LaVieDeWolfie Wolf's Rain stamp by Tollerka
--The Big Bang Theory--
The Big Bang Theory Stamp 3 by Dekaff The Big Bang Theory Stamp 4 by Dekaff The Big Bang Theory stamp by 5-3-10-4 I love Big Bang Theory by nekomimipii : The new rock paper scissors by Im-Mother-Nature
--Sheldon Cooper--
Penny Penny Penny by SantaiIvy Big Bang Theory by Chaotic-Whispers
--Everyday Stuff--
Art Block Stamp by Khrinx Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx Disconnected Rage Stamp by Khrinx TV Crap Stamp by Khrinx

More Stamps

I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Opinions Stamp by bladebandit Opinion stamp by xAshleyMx Different Opinions Stamp by mylastel Proud to be an Individual by nekochan1231 Being a Nobody Stamp by justdacat Anti-Social by Vexcel Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 I support writing English by FragileReveries Suicide Isn't Cowardly by el-Jimmeister
--Atheist and Religion--
Stamp: Atheist by 8manderz8 Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Atheist Stamp by anastasia-black I'm a friendly Atheist by andshedreamed Atheist Stamp by StampMeisters War on Reality by PaleoClipperArt Religion by paramoreSUCKS
Evolution Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
--Yorkshire and Britain--
British stamp by Bourbons3 Yorkshire stamp 3 by krazykel
--R.A.F and Planes--
RAF Stamp by SimonLMoore Stamp  -  Royal Air Force by fmr0 Flag: Air Force by TheStampKing AIR TRAINING CORPS STAMP by ScarredWolfphoto WW2 Aircraft Stamp by Kant0Kid WW2 plane stamp by ToxicKrieg I luv Military Planes Stamp by TheAngryFishbed
--WW2 and Military Related Stuff--
WWII Stamp by GI-Ace WW2 Stamp by Kant0Kid Stamp - Military Photos by MauserGirl Stamp Im Military Lover by Cattarb Respect our Female Soldiers by Lizzie-Doodle I Support our Troops Stamp by bastherself Solider Stamp by JetProwerTheFox
I Love Guns Stamp by Its-An-Inferno Stamp - Second Amendment by MauserGirl SniperRifles by CamaroGirl666 I Don't Dial 911 by impersonalinfo {Well, I am in the UK!}
NASA ROCKS. by stripedwine I Less Than Three NASA by SevenRoses Cute Nasa Stamp by Kant0Kid NASA 50th Anniversary stamp by DeviantSith US Shuttle stamp by DeviantSith
--Personal Info--
I am Deaf and Proud - STAMP by D3AFN3SS1337 {I've got a hearing impairment}
Taurus by mysage Taurus 2 by SquallxZell-Leonhart
Scared of the Dark Stamp by StirFryKitty Loner by ManicStamps
--Weekday and Weekend Life--
Early Bird Stamp by Mirz123 Night Owl Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123
--Anti-LPS: Popular--
LPS: Popular IS OVERRATER! Stamp by TuskyHusky
--Anti-Adventure Time--
Anti-Adventure time stamp by NinjaCookieNya Adventure Time's Lame Stamp by Sycotei-B
Stamp: Proud to be human? Not so much. by emii-desu Humans Are Inherently Stupid by Vexic929 Stamp. by Trynnie
--Random Stuff and Quotes--
YouTwitFace by Vexic929 Fail Men in Black by Fyi-Sus What Really Happened in WW2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps Cancelled TV Shows Stamp by dgLari Think outside the box - Stamp by JWiesner Squiggly :P by death-wishes Silence is Golden by flying-wolf-32 Kill It With Fire stamp by Metadream Ka... POW by ImFeelingStampity Holy Shit, I'm Trippin Balls by ImFeelingStampity I Can't Explain This... by ImFeelingStampity Nomnom attack stamp animated by Sinister-Starfeesh Nomnom Stamp V.3 by Sinister-Starfeesh

Star Trek-Razzle Dazzle by schematization Benizakura by Vaki02

Epic Peeps!

✬The Official Tusky Husky™✬
The Official Tusky Husky DeviantART page™
Eevee by CreepyJellyfishImage and video hosting by TinyPicVaporeon by CreepyJellyfish
:iconnorequests: :iconnotrades: :iconcollabsfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconcommissionsopen:

:pokeball: Meh Groups :pokeball:
:iconkrypto-ginga-group: :iconthe-tesshin-fc: :iconthe-kurotora-fc: :iconthe-dog-star-patrol: :iconstar-squad: :icondogtor-who:

:bulletblue:--Friends In Real Life--:bulletblue:

:spotlight-left:==Friends on DeviantART and YouTube==:spotlight-right:

:pointr:Epic People/Inspirations:pointl:

Unown-tango by CreepyJellyfishUnown-uniform by CreepyJellyfishUnown-sierra by CreepyJellyfishUnown-kilo by CreepyJellyfishUnown-yankee by CreepyJellyfish
Ghost Pokemon R-B-G-Y by Shiro-Redfield I Killed Gary's Raticate by endler Missingno Ghost Form by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Porygon by Marlenesstamps Shiny Porygon2 by Marlenesstamps
I have way too many stamps by jreaver

Meh Poke-Teams

---Main Team---
134 - Vaporeon by Marlenesstamps Shiny Umbreon by Marlenesstamps 262 - Mightyena by Marlenesstamps Shiny Houndoom by Marlenesstamps Shiny Arcanine by Marlenesstamps 310 - Manectric by Marlenesstamps
---2nd Team---
006 - Charizard by Marlenesstamps 149 - dragonite by Marlenesstamps 123 - Scyther by Marlenesstamps 373 - Salamence by Marlenesstamps Shiny Zangoose by Marlenesstamps 359 - Absol by Marlenesstamps
---3rd Team---
133 - Eevee by Marlenesstamps Shiny Persian by Marlenesstamps 678 - Meowstic Male by Marlenesstamps Shiny Flygon by Marlenesstamps 135 - Jolteon by Marlenesstamps 136 - Flareon by Marlenesstamps
---4th Team---
663 - Talonflame by Marlenesstamps 448 - Lucario by Marlenesstamps 678 - Meowstic Female by Marlenesstamps Shiny Ninetales by Marlenesstamps Shiny Koffing by Marlenesstamps Shiny Haunter by Marlenesstamps
---Legendry Team---
150 - Mewtwo by Marlenesstamps Shiny Mew by Marlenesstamps Shiny Reshiram by Marlenesstamps Shiny Suicune by Marlenesstamps 144 - Articuno by Marlenesstamps 381 - Latios by Marlenesstamps
---Mega Evolution Team---
Mega Mewtwo X by Marlenesstamps Mega Mewtwo Y by Marlenesstamps Mega Charizard X by Marlenesstamps Mega Manectric by Marlenesstamps Shiny Mega Houndoom by Marlenesstamps Mega Absol by Marlenesstamps


SparkleDragon - Stamp by Zyraxus

I :heart: :iconmcwolfplz:
My birthday badge
BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designKoreaLanguage Level stamp2 by Faeth-designFrench 2 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Intermediate by MafiaVampWelsh Language level: Intermediate by LadyofspiraLatin Language-Beginner by DCMKAzarathMage (Intermediate) Sign Language Level Stamp by imakocoa Equestria Flag by IronGalaxyCraft-Digi

Flag Counter Flag Counter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

--Krypto The Superdog--
Krypto the Superdog by Lora-Pedigree Krypto fan stamp by Lora-Pedigree Streaky stamp by Lora-Pedigree Bat-hound stamp by Lora-Pedigree Ace the Bathound by Crow1992 Good Bad Dog Stamp by Catt-Nightingale
--Road Rovers--
stamp: ROAD ROVERS - logo by SimbiAni Colleen and Hunter by Gilligan-Stamps Blitz Fan Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan Hunter Fan Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan Colleen Fan Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan
Densetsu Weed Stamp by MarauderWolf93 Ginga Densetsu Weed Stamp by Azyo-Mecha Weed. by StampAG Ginga saga stamp by Saiccu GNG FAN _ Stamp by TheKarelia Ginga Collector Stamp by SilverToraGe ginga recolor stamp by XxKinoWolfxX Ginga touches Hearts by Tetsumon
Tesshin Stamp by DragonHeartLuver Tesshin Fan by TheAnimeFreak25 Tesshin stamp by Saiccu Tesshin stamp by meokami
--Kurotra/Kai Brothers--
Kurotora Stamp by StampAG Kai Bros by StampAG Chutora stamp by RedSlashwolf Akatora Stampg by StampAG
GDW Stamp by StampAG Weed Stamp by StampAG Weed Stamp by TaintedAzaelia Little Weed by Vaki02 Weed by Vaki02 Weed_Moon Stamp by StampAG Weed Stamp 001 by StampAG
.:: Gin Stamp ::. by StampAG GNG Stamp by StampAG Nagareboshi Gin Stamp by MarauderWolf93 Gin by Vaki02 Legend Gin by Vaki02 silver fang by Dametora Hero Gin by Vaki02 Legend Gin by Vaki02
.::Riki Stamp::. by StampAG Riki stamp by nezukuro Riki Stamp by StampAG
Kagetora by StampAG Kagetora Thinks Kai-kens Are Cool Stamp by Squidpocolypse Kagetora Gives Kai-ken Speech Stamp by Squidpocolypse Kagetora Thinks Kaibutsu Is a Bastard Stamp by Squidpocolypse
Kyoushiro Stamp by IgniteTheBlaze Kyoushiro II by Vaki02 Kyoushiro stamp by RedSlashwolf
Rocket Stamp by IgniteTheBlaze Rocket Stamp by StampAG
GB Stamp by IgniteTheBlaze Smith Stamp by StampAG
--R.I.P Ginga Dogs--
RIP Akatora stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Benizakura stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Jerome stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP John stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Kaibutsu stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Kamakiri stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Riki Stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Shiro stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Smith stamp by RedSlashwolfRIP Terry stamp by RedSlashwolf RIP Toube Stamp by RedSlashwolf
SkydoesMinecraft fan stamp by Unova-Fangirl SkyDoesMinecraft Recruit Stamp by Mario28037 GOLD IS BUTTER by InfN555
Minecraft Stamp by kimbo2450 Minecraft fan by DS-DNA Minecraft by Locou Minecraft Stamp by Ymeisnot I HEART MINECRAFT Stamp by MythrilAngel Minecraft Stamp by Ventarix minecraft stamp by mlavier Minecraft life stamp by zealferal I LOVE Minecraft Stamp by black--werewolf I love minecraft! by SnowSniffer survive or die trying- minecraft stamp by moonpiefsn Minecraft stamp by fwyrl Minecraft Addiction by BandanaBlue Minecraft Stamp by qhostySTAMPS Minecraft Stamp by RandomTons Minecraft-Stamp by kjthemighty -Minecraft- Dr. Wood Puncher by NorthboundFox I :heart: diamond - minecraft by Galialay Minecraft Diamond Block Stamp by LazingAbout94 Minecraft TNT Stamp by OswaldRabbitFan I Support Minecraft by Starlow-FTW Minecraft! by Kweo What happens when a creeper plays soccer (STAMP!) by Cocohorse Creeper Stamp by MuraUsagi Ceiling Creeper Stamp by HybridAir Creepahpah stamp- Minecraft by Alter-N-Zac-Stamps Creeper Stamp by smileystamps Endermen Are Adorable Stamp by RainfallClan
--Ender Dragon--
Ender Dragon Stamp by AlcaTaz Stamp Enderdragon by Galialay

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Just Some Stuff

* ´¨)
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.• We ♥ Road Rovers R.I.P ♥
Copy and paste this to your DeviantART page if you miss or cared about Road Rovers

#1: Krypto the Superdog
#2: Ao No Exorcist
#3: Ginga Densetsu Weed
#4: Sword Art Online
#5: Road Rovers
#6: Pokémon
#7: Star Trek: The Original Series
#8: My Little Pony: Friendship Is magic
#9: S.A: Special A Class
#10: Ghost Adventures

YouTube by Th3EmOo…
Google + by Th3EmOo…
Twitter by Th3EmOo
:iconicecreamchairplz: I don't use Twitter for social networking, but :note: me if ya' wanna' Skype!

My Favorite Characters in Order:
#1. Tusky Husky {Krypto The Superdog}
#2. James {Pokémon}
#3. Rin Okumura {Ao No Exorcist}
#4. Tesshin {Ginga Densetsu Weed}
#5. Kurotra {Ginga Densetsu Weed/Ginga Nagareboshi Gin}
#6. Red {Pokémon}
#7. Blitz {Road Rovers}
#8. Mr. Spock {Star Trek: TOS}
#9. Exile {Road Rovers}
#10. Vinyl Scratch {My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic}
#11. Rainbow Dash {My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic}
#12. Meowth {Pokémon}
#13. Kuro {Ao No Exorcist}
#14. Thundermutt {Krypto The Superdog}
#15. Streaky The Supercat {Krypto The Superdog}
#16. Weed {Ginga Densetsu Weed}
#17. Kirito {Sword Art Online}
#18. Cpt. Picard {Star Trek: TNG}
#19. Paul {Pokémon}
#20. Gin {Ginga Densetsu Weed/Ginga Nagareboshi Gin}
#21. Riki {Ginga Nagareboshi Gin}
#22. Fluttershy {My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic}
#23. Benizakura {Ginga Nagareboshi Gin}
#24. Tōbē {Ginga Densetsu Weed}
#25. Mephisto Pheles {Ao No Exorcist}
#26. Hunter {Road Rovers}
#27. Kisaragi {Ginga Densetsu Weed/Ginga Nagareboshi Gin}
#28. Kagetora {Ginga Densetsu Weed}
#29. Jessie {Pokémon}
#30. Cpt. Kirk {Star Trek: TOS}
#31. Muzzle {Road Rovers}
#32. Krypto The Superdog {Krypto The Superdog}


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